Installing Stainless Steel Grab Rails- The Definitive Guide

Grab rails are generally found in public places such as large buildings, parks, and other places that receive a lot of foot traffic. Simply put, these grab rails are designed to offer support for people while walking. If you suffer from a handicap or have difficulty walking straight, you can just hold on to the grab rail to support yourself. Many people also get grab rails installed around their house to provide additional assistance while walking in slippery sections, such as the washroom. Obviously, the value of your property will increase significantly if you have grab rails installed in and around the place.

However, most people don’t really know much about getting grab rails. While they do look elegant, you will need to do a bit of research before you call in a professional company to request a quote. Here are some of the most important things that you need to do before hiring any company for installing grab rails.

Choose the Material

Grab rails are designed to be easy to grip. They are made from reinforced materials and are carefully installed in the walls to provide maximum support. In case you slip or fall, you can just grab on to the rail. Ordinary materials that tend to slip are not commonly used. Stainless steel grab rails are generally used in public locations. They are also found in houses and commercial buildings.

Stainless steel offers plenty of benefits over other kinds of metals. It is extremely durable, and is also resistant to corruption and corrosion. It doesn’t lose its shine when exposed to atmospheric elements and looks really good even after several years. All you have to do is apply just a little bit of polish at least once in a year in order for steel to maintain its shine. These grab rails are usually covered in a nylon sleeve to provide the individual with a greater amount of grip. These rails can be adapted and used with almost any kind of shower; they’re also available in a multitude of variants. The other option is to opt for a reinforced nylon coated grab rail made from high quality alloy tubes. The reinforced flange fixings offer solidity and durability; they won’t dislodge from applied pressure.

Request a Quote

Before installing the grab rails, the company might want to make an inspection visit. They will carefully highlight the areas where the grab rails will be installed and show you the specific type of grab rail that will be used. You can choose from different colours and designs to suit your aesthetic preference. Depending upon the size of the place and the amount of material to be used, the final price will vary.

A prudent customer will always request quotes from two or three different companies and then decide on the cheapest option. Rather than going with the first option you find, it’s always best to ask around and whittle down the price as much as possible. You should also ask the company about any specific maintenance that might be required over the course of the year.

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