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Roofs play a pretty important part in people’s lives. After all, without a roof, your home would be a sectioned off invitation for everyone and everything from birds to burglars to have their way with your possessions. Even so, for as much a basic aspect of civilised life as roofs are, people tend not to pay them the attention they deserve. If this sounds familiar, beware—doing so can lead to drastic consequences for your home. Everything from the aesthetic quality to the structural integrity of your home can be threatened if you fail to get your roof proper service from time to time.

Then there’s the matter of what kind of roofing material you should choose. Metal, polycarbonate, and fibreglass roofs have all exploded in popularity, but which is best for your home in particular? Here is a quick look at the importance of roofing and which options are best for you.

Why Roof Maintenance Matters

Taking care of your home is like taking care of your body—it may seem costly, but failure to do so will be even costlier and lead to massive long-term problems down the road. Leaks and moisture seeping into your home are among the most obvious and common issues stemming from improper roof maintenance, and can lead to everything from a nasty mould buildup to significant structural weakness. In addition, seams can appear over time in even the sturdiest roofing which, if not attended to, can lead to a full-blown case of blown-off tiling. Add to that the fact that any of these instances will naturally drastically reduce your overall property value, and the financial incentive behind finding quality roof maintenance becomes clear.

Choosing Among Roofing Options

With that said, what are the best roofing materials for you personally? After all, there are so many different options to choose from, and every home is different, so what’s right for one house isn’t necessarily going to be right for yours.

There are three predominant materials on the market today which you’ll most commonly see roofing professionals tout. Metal tiles tend to be some of the sturdiest out there, and can be very reflective, literally giving your home a nice shine. That said, they also tend to be on the heavier side and can likewise be a more costly option compared to others. Fibreglass roofing tends to be less expensive, and is also reflective. While this may make it a more cost effective alternative, however, it should be noted these tiles tend to be lighter weight-wise. While that can be a good thing, it’s still something to take into account. Finally, polycarbonate roofing options tend to be something of a middle ground.

You’ll want to ask a roofing professional which option is right for you, and give your roof the kind of attention it deserves.

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