Compare the best inexpensive Google Chromebooks from Samsung, Dell, Asus and others.

Compare the best inexpensive Google Chromebooks from Samsung, Dell, Asus and others.

Need a new computer? Chromebooks use the power of the cloud on the cheap

This horrible moment when your computer contracts a virus. Whether it’s a spam pop-up or an email from a self-proclaimed prince abroad claiming free money. Moments later, it wreaks havoc on your operating system, causing the system to collapse in a haze of blue screen funk. And let’s hope it wasn’t the computer in the classroom … or at work!

It’s worse than a thousand awkward calls from an ex-lover you haven’t heard of in years. If you catch our drift. But a computer infected with viruses, yeah that’s it for you. And now? A new simple computer will cost at least $ 500 for a bare bone, low-end model. Or maybe over $ 1,000 for something decent.

Forget about the computer virus scenario for a second. Maybe your computer has become slower than Granny checking Facebook and making videos on Instagram. Time is always catching up with us and it is too late. This elegant Macbook which, once started at the speed of light, now takes 5 minutes to launch a web page.

Relax. Fortunately, the cloud comes to the rescue. With Google Chromebooks, you can get a decent work system for less than $ 200. Yes, you read correctly. These affordable Chromebooks work great for browsing the web. Whether it’s YouTube, Netflix, or just plain old emails, these Chromebooks are fast, but at a quarter of the price.

So if we’re talking about inexpensive Chromebooks for those on a budget, also check out the returns section. Sometimes cheaper than $ 149, with guarantee in store.

A laptop that never receives slow updates automatically

The best part about Google Chromebooks, no matter which inexpensive model you’re working with, is that they never slow down. Already. Indeed, they are powered by supercomputers in the cloud. Supercomputers, huh? Okay, that means Chromebooks update themselves automatically with the latest built-in software and antivirus protection. Yes, so you can forget to worry about the expiration of your McAfee or Norton subscription. Goodbye this anti-virus bill! In addition to the integrated virus protection, Google Chromebooks also have several layers of security and a verified boot. The future is here with more Windows and more anitvirus!

Fast Browsing, Instant Load Time

And because affordable Chromebooks are designed to surf the web as quickly as possible, getting online is an instant process in the blink of an eye. You will be amazed at how much easier and more fun it becomes to navigate when you no longer wait for the next page to load. It is also perfect for a children’s computer. Light on the wallet and no whining about the loading time of the web page.

Who needs to connect? A battery that lasts

Google’s Chromebooks offer huge battery life! There is no need to lug around a large extension or hope to land on the only table in the cafe that has a socket. In addition, the power cord is small and compact, easy to store and light. Normal web browsing (without video streaming) can take up to a full day without having to charge the Chromebook.

Limited memory, but who cares? Chromebooks always do everything you need

Chromebooks are designed to be used online, powered by the cloud, so they come with a limited operating system and memory. It always suited me very well, as most of my offline use involves writing and editing documents, browsing stored photos, playing games, playing music, and playing videos. All of these activities are still available offline via Google Docs and other apps. With Chromebooks, you can browse your Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google Drive offline.

There’s also an integrated music player, photo editor, and viewer for viewing PDFs and Microsoft documents. All of these do not require an Internet connection. Thanks to the applications available, Amazon Cloud Reader, the New York Times and Google Play are always accessible offline. What a time to live!

Cheap Chromebooks Should Sell More Than iPad, Make Microsoft Nervous

Due to their low price but high reputation for operation, inexpensive Chromebooks have become increasingly popular in the education market, approaching 50% and giving iPads a run for their money. “What happens is that the monolithic PC finds itself in tasks that other objects can do better,” Horace Dediu, founder of the independent consultancy Asymco, told The Guardian.

The cheap cost and great skills of Google’s Chromebooks make Microsoft nervous. The IT giant has seen its market share erode. “Microsoft is engaged in a silent war and it is losing” writes Silviu Stahie in Softpedia.

The new king of classroom computers

Enter almost all public schools these days and you will find a nice basket with a dozen or more Chromebooks in charge. Not that they should be billed too often, the children’s computer game has changed. Not only are Chromebooks affordable, they are also fast and very light. They can easily be stored or transferred from one classroom to another. From homework to free computer time, this simple computer makes life easier for staff, teachers and children.

So how do Chromebooks work?

When a friend of mine complained that his almost 9-year-old macbook was driving him crazy, I immediately recommended a cheap Chromebook to him. Disappointed at first because she is a millennium old and has never had to use a Chromebook or Google Docs in school before. She knew the cloud well, of course, but never knew what a Google Chromebook was. After some research, she was able to find some Chromebook deals online and kissed her beloved MacBook.

Although she preferred the iOS system, she no longer really needed it for video editing. With her new job, she just needed emailing and Google Docs features. With the occasional broadcast of music and videos, of course. The new Chromebook has shown her that she doesn’t need to spend $ 1,000 on the spot for a brand new computer. So what is the best Chromebook for kids? What are the basic tools you need to make your life easier? Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash An affordable Chromebook can have exactly what you’re looking for, whether for professional or personal use.

What looks fresh, fresh and stays fresh? A Chromebook.

So, kids are bothering you about the latest tablet or computer? A Chromebook is the best children’s computer of our time! Are your parents always asking you to repair their computer? With a cheap Chromebook, there are no more Windows updates! Do you need a simple computer to take with you when traveling? Chromebooks are slim, sleek, and ready to fly. Simple, easy and inexpensive, a Chromebook is the answer to all your computer problems!

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