How to Make Your Home More Valuable and Sell Faster

Every homeowner wants their home to sell fast as well as sell for the amount its worth. Selling your home is a process in which you need to prepare for in depth in order to give your home the best value possible. There’s no point in putting your home on the market if you haven’t prepared it for viewings as you’ll find that potential buyers won’t take as much interest if they aren’t greeted with a home that stands out to them. Making some key changes to your home will ensure you add value as well as increase the chances of a sale, simply imagine you were the individual viewing the home and think about the elements you’d be expecting to see from the home and homeowner.

Declutter and Cleanse

It may seem like the obvious thing to do, but decluttering your home will make a huge difference to the atmosphere and feel your home has. Upon viewing a home, you want to be greeted with a clean, tidy home that emphasises the size of each room and gives you the chance to view your potential living situations in the home. By decluttering your home, you can show people exactly what you have to offer, each room will be clear and the viewer will be able to picture how they would want the room to look and work for them. Being greeted by a cluttered, messy room will create an instant negative image in the viewer’s mind which you want to avoid.

By simply removing any unwanted or unnecessary items by throwing them away or putting them into storage you can create much more space in your home to generate a welcoming atmosphere. Giving your interiors a quick cleanse will also benefit greatly, washing the windows, cleaning the floors and wiping down surfaces will help lift the atmosphere and create a fresh, bright look.

Out with the Old

Selling your home can often highlight areas of the home that you may not have considered old or worn in the past. When it comes to brightening up your interiors and showing off your home, you often notice the cracked kitchen cupboard or the discoloured skirting boards that wouldn’t look too appealing to a potential buyer. Luckily, for situations like this there are quick and simple solutions to fix these kind of issues. For larger problems like a worn and tired kitchen, there are so many different types of cheap kitchens on the market for you to include to help boost the value of your home as well as create a kitchen that stands out and looks good. Similarly, you may want to look at replacing some of your other features such as shelving units or other items that you’re likely to leave behind when you move. This will help the viewer get a proper look into what the rooms are like and the potential that they have.

Fresh Lick of Paint

Giving your walls a fresh lick of paint is not only a really good way of creating a bold, fresh look, but it also adds great value to your home. For a potential buyer, viewing a home with little work to be done will certainly fill them with confidence and make them much more positive about the house. You can really open up a room and create a lighter, fresh feel by updating the paint work and it will give you much more confidence when it comes to selling your home too as you’ll feel proud and happy with the home you have to show.

You may also want to look at your skirting boards and doors/frames. By re-varnishing or staining your skirting boards and doors or door frames, you can emphasise the quality of the material and make it look fresh. These small changes will have a large impact on the overall look and feel of your home and help it stand out beautifully.

Additional Aromas

There’s nothing worse than viewing a home and being greeted with a bad smell. The first impressions are key when it comes to selling a property and therefore creating a beautiful aroma in your home will certainly add to the atmosphere and create a positive feel. Introducing some fresh flowers to your entrance will create a welcoming touch, as well as placing scented candles or air freshers around the home in individual rooms to allow the scents to float freely throughout the home will ensure that your home smells lovely to any potential buyers.

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