Ideas To Upgrade Your Home

Simple Changes

You don’t always have to completely reconfigure your household to affect stylistic upgrades. Sometimes simple changes can totally revitalize your home. Take, for example, the paper lantern. Paper lanterns have a very long history which stretches back to the far east. They’ve got a certain look to them that spices up any space; and additionally, they diffuse light uniquely.

Such lanterns are inexpensive, and can be designed to your specifications in your own house, if you’d like. Stylistically, this change appears to be a top-tier augmentation. Economically, it’s a very cost-effective solution.

The LED Component

One way people are fixing up paper lanterns is by using LED lights in the center. These burn without nearly so much heat as incandescent bulbs, meaning when you’ve got such paper accoutrements, you’re not sacrificing safety for style. To top it all off, both of these options are environmentally friendly.

According to ATG Electronics, an LED light fixture manufacturer, “These environmentally conscious lightbulbs are growing in popularity, and for good reason, too. LEDs are one of the most energy-efficient and rapidly developing lighting technologies.”

Paper is also something which is biodegradable, recyclable, and easy to manipulate. In Japan, Shoji paper dividers are used to partition homes. You can make these yourself with relative ease, and they are a great way to change up the space of a home.

Space Partitioning

Psychologically, how space is partitioned has a great deal to do with one’s perception of a building. You can see the evidence for this by looking at a gymnasium before an exhibition, like a science fair. Where before, it seems empty and wide—but somehow small—when it is filled with hundreds of little stands, suddenly it takes on new life. Your vision is broken up by stations that can be visited.

When your sight-lines don’t directly cross an entire area, this gives the illusion of greater space. You can segment individual areas in such a way, making cramped places seem spread out, and allowing people to “get away” from others in the house, while technically being in the same room.

If you live in a situation where there are many people in a small space, such a partition can actually help reduce stress. You don’t feel as trapped when there are other places “to go”. Mobile homes use strategies like these all the time to make a single, tiny space seem large.

A Way To Think About It

A twenty foot motor home may have several stations. There’s a bed above the cab, a cafe behind the driving area, a restroom with shower across from the cafe, a stovetop behind that, a fridge across from the stove, and a couch at the back. Now all of these little “stations” are in one twenty-by-eight-by-ten space. Basically, exactly the square footage of a parking spot, or a storage container.

When you say “storage container”, that sounds small, doesn’t it? But if you partition that container, suddenly it seems to have its own separate “rooms”. When upgrading your own home in similar fashion, use LEDs to save money and be environmentally friendly

In this way, you can additionally save money while doing your part to remain energy-efficient. Conjoin solar panels to the situation, and you can even do these things with grid independence.

Broadening Your Horizons

There are many different things you can do to save energy and upgrade your home or apartment’s space in a way that facilitates clear thinking and reduced stress. So be creative, think critically, and source solutions for yourself. Going this route will additionally bring you the satisfaction of knowing some features of your home are of an individual kind that may never be replicated in any other place.

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