Giant or why bet on the performance of a road bike?

his passion for cycling is visible through the quality of it. The majority of people pedal for pleasure while others get rich in this way, all for the benefit of big brands like Giant. What sets it apart from its competitors? What more can it have, you will know by reading these few lines.

The advantage of big brands

The leaders in manufacturing road bikes are Scott, Btwin, Spécialized and Giant. Their goal being to develop models as efficient as possible and so that the maximum number of people can benefit from them, their creations are sold at reasonable prices. They offer better value for money on the market. These international firms are constantly bringing cyclists new driving sensations.

At the time of purchase, the elements to take into account for a bicycle are: the size, the suspension, the braking system without forgetting the speed. We find as a reference the Sava 700C which is known for its speed. The Savadeck phantom V6 on the other hand stands out for its hardness while the T800 is talked about with its flexible driving.

For the Giant brand, it mainly focuses on the robustness of the beast, the suspension and the design. The first carbon fiber bikes are signed Giant. The impeccable suspensions known as Maestro are the fruit of his years of research. And the compact road design is an initiation of the firm. And since all punishment deserves to be paid, its popularity continues to grow day by day. Again and again, the same brand shines constantly in the famous world bike championships.

 Just for fun

Just for the pleasure of pedaling, a high-performance bike remains ideal since the riding sensation differs from one model to another. A Bmx differs from an ATV both in its design and in its feeling. The first is a bicycle intended for extreme sports. Its imposing handlebars make it perfect for freestyle competitions: a competition where you are supposed to perform acrobatic figures with the bike. This takes place in particular on multi-form ramps or in skate parks alongside roller skaters and skateboarders. Indeed, the lived experience remains unique.

Unlike Bmx, mountain biking is more suitable for mountainous and steep tracks. Once in the saddle with your hands on the handlebars, the sensitivity already differs from that felt in the first category. And after a rough mountain crossing from upstream to downstream, the sensations are far from being similar. Not to mention the intense bicycle tours in the middle of the forest trail. The runway is tight and visibility disturbed.

In the case of a track or sprint bike, its arched handlebars and thin tires promise a unique ride. Top speed is certainly the advantage of this type of bike, an aptitude that is unique to it compared to Schwinn Wayfarer and mountain biking. So the emotional effect it provides is just as different as with the other two bikes. In short, just for fun, we rely on the skills of a bicycle.

For competitions

Most people pedal for distraction while others run for glory on their bikes. Winning an ATV, BMX or track bike requires years and years of training. This is the case for all the big names having won the national and international champion titles. No one departs from this golden rule, no matter what discipline they play in.

To succeed, you have to work hard. For indoor cycling, a professional athlete should cycle a minimum of five hours a day. In parallel, the work takes place on closed circuits. So, at the end of the day, the sportsman will have progressed but with a spinning head. Bmx riders will have to master 360 °, huiling, front-flip … and full of risky figures hundreds of times. To achieve this, they frequently go through falls and fractures by dint of training.

As with training, an excellent bike is essential. Obviously, bi riders are equipped with the best existing gear namely various protections such as helmets, elbow pads, specific jerseys and especially an excellent bike. Both teams and sponsorships rely not only on the potential of their athletes, but also on the skills of cycling. Races are of utmost importance for all staff. Professionals live for the race and survive by it. They make a living by cycling. This is why, they must be passionate, and at the same time serious about this activity.

Tournaments and competitions become increasingly tight each year. The bikes participating in it are a monstrous performance not to be underestimated. This is why you have to give your all for the equipment.

To have the best gear, you don’t hesitate to pay considerable sums. Competitors who do not invest in an excellent machine will be less likely to win the race. Lack of financial resources can be fatal. To build a reputation, you need titles. To win, we count on victories. And to get it, you have to ride a real bike: a specimen capable of overcoming tests after tests.

The big brands have always supported cyclists and amateurs by offering the best of themselves. Designed for the family, the cheapest model from Giant costs around 599 euros. But for racing, the best device, on the other hand, is estimated at 7,999 euros. The different ranges of products of the brand are thus aimed at a fairly large audience, not to say all budgets.

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