Split or Window – Which air conditioner should you buy?

Air conditioners have become one of the essential necessities required to live a peaceful and comfortable life. Increasing temperature and humidity levels in several parts of the world have made air conditioners a must-have appliance for every household. With the help of advanced technologies and efforts of researchers, the world can now enjoy highly efficient products.

The choices you have while purchasing your air conditioner

There are many different variants of air conditioners available throughout the world depending on technology, size, efficiency, power consumption, intelligence level and other factors. The categorization of air conditioners is based on their style and the two most famous varieties are –

  • Split AC’s
  • Window AC’s

Both these different versions of air conditioners are quite famous and are in wide use throughout the world. They are further available in different specifications and power so as to meet varied needs of people worldwide. Based on one’s resources, requirements and other factors to consider, any of these can be purchased to fulfill the requirement.

Which one to buy?

Buying an AC is a capital investment since it costs a lot and it is expected that it should last for at least 10 years. But, they consume a lot of electricity and can actually multiply your electricity bills if kept running for long durations. So it is necessary that you must consider all factors and take a wise decision while purchasing an air conditioner. Following are some of the points based on which you should make a choice between Split AC and Window AC –

  • If your budget is limited, then window AC is the one you should go for. Window Ac’s are much economical as compared to Split AC’s when it comes to cost price and installation cost.
  • If you are subject to transfers in your job or have to change accommodation from time to time, go for Window AC for these do not make you spend much on un–installation and re–installation. On the other hand, un-installation and re-installation in case of split Ac’s is a costly affair with high chances of damage.
  • If you live in a house that does not have any well-ventilated site which can be used for putting a Window AC, better go for a Spilt AC. Window air conditioners demand well ventilated and spacious sites in your house for proper working, whereas in the case of Split AC as the outdoor unit is located in open it can function properly anywhere.
  • If you want to cool a particular area and is pretty large in space then Spilt AC’s are a better Window AC’s have a limited power range and are effective only in smaller areas.
  • Window AC’s are louder as compared to Spilt AC’s and as such can be uncomfortable during nights. Moreover, Split Ac’s are available in multiple designs and colors and can very well add to the beauty of your interiors.

Both the types of AC’s have their own set of benefits and limitations, but that being said they perform their functions quite effectively. With reliable brands such as Voltas AC offering high quality products in both variants, the choices for consumers are plenty.

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