The different bike carriers

The different bike carriers: Calculate according to the size of your bike

different bike carriers

Carrying a bicycle inside a car can cause disturbances. This is a process that usually involves taking the bike apart, folding the seats down and pushing it into the cab until the trunk lid is closed. The simple solution to this problem is to have one of the different bike carriers available on the market.
The different types of bike carriers
With the right provisions, any car can use any type of bicycle rack. Roof racks represent a reasonable additional investment, but purchasing and installing a tow bar or towball with power will be much more expensive.

The bike carrier on boot or tailgate

Rear-mounted bike carriers are the first experience of most people who have transported several bikes in their car. It is an economical option that is hard to beat. The support tends to follow a relatively basic design: a metal frame that rests against the back of the car, with four or six straps hanging it on the trunk or hatchback, and two arms on which the bikes are suspended.

As you can see, among the different bike carriers, the one on the trunk is quite well known. The definite advantage of this type is that the size of the bike doesn’t really matter. The straps are there to fit 18 ″ as well as 22 ″.

There are also accessories for carrying fat bikes, in other words, bikes with special tires. Wider than those of a racing bike for example.

The roof bike carrier

Roof-mounted bike carriers simply attach to bars that can be installed laterally on the car roof. They can hold a bike in different ways, but the two most common options use either a swivel arm to fix the down tube to the bike. Once the bikes are all in place, you can enjoy the trip without the nervous looks on the mirrors provided with the rear mounted bike carriers.

With the roof bike carrier, you will have to take two parameters into account: the size of the bike as well as that of the roof bars. You can find bike carriers with straps and roof racks compatible with many car models to facilitate the transport of your two wheels.

The bike rack

The towbar bike carriers are securely attached to the car using the towball. This model grants very stable and easy access to your bikes. It is a safe option for transporting a family of bikes. Specific installations are required for electrical details. Most models have a light panel and taillights.

Whether on a hitch, on a trunk or otherwise, the best hitch bike racks is not made to carry bikes for children but fortunately, the manufacturers have thought of families and we are creating the frame adapter. A tool whose length ranges from 48 to 77cm. This also applies to certain special bikes for women since this adapter is universal.

The capacity of bicycle carriers

All bike carriers can accommodate 2 to 6 bikes with a frame height of 38 to 62cm. The design of these bike racks allows you to quickly transport your road bike, a racing bike, a Dutch bike or even an electric bike. A hitch rack bicycle carrier generally has a hooking system for 3 or 4 bicycles. These are the models to hang on the roof that have a large capacity, especially if you buy two supports for a large car.

For people who have to carry more than four or five bikes, you can combine roof bike carriers with a tow bar. The simplest way to transport the children’s bikes and the two adult bikes would probably be to put the smaller bikes in the trunk and the two adult bikes on the roof. If this is not possible, always have the two adult bikes on the roof but use a support installed on the trunk for children’s bikes.

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